Jeff Perrin, President & CEO

Jeff Perrin, President & CEO

I am the President at How Rows Inc. We offer a service to the production of live and taped television programs for broadcast, live specials, and streaming services like Netflix. 

One of our main services is the procurement of audiences, executing the strategic promotion of the experience to optimize ticket sales within a target group of people. We create a connection between the broadcaster, their advertisers, and their ideal audience for the show. The value of a live studio audience is in its power to elevate a production with optimal energy. The audience holds incredible power over the feeling of a performance, and over the performer. Ultimately, the energy we help create translates exceptionally well on camera and has a direct impact on the success of the show. 

There is a large marketing component to the work we do and I am inspired by the opportunity to continue growing Hot Rows Inc. as a strategic marketing service. As more production companies continue to invest in original Canadian programming, we will continue to meet their needs by engaging the right audience and sponsors for their initiatives. 

My success lies in the ability to operate and manage the audience experience with precision at every touch-point. To say that we pay attention to detail would be an understatement. From greeting people at the door, creating efficiencies with the check-in process, facilitating short wait times, and ensuring a fair and equitable seating process for our guests, how we manage people has an immediate impact on their reaction to the show, and, subsequently, on the reaction of the audience at home. 

As an entrepreneur and a leader in my field, I operate according to my personal values because I know they define my clients’ experience of working with me. I value honesty, work ethic to drive results, and kindness. I want producers to connect with Hot Rows for the value of services we offer, and then return for business because they like working with me. 

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