Frequently Asked Questions

What shows do you offer tickets for?

You can find all information about current shows in production on the Calendar of Shows. New series are listed frequently so check back often for new releases. You can also follow us on twitter for the most recent updates.

How do I know what shows are available?

Easy! Just add yourself on our subscription list.

How much do tickets cost?

In most cases, tickets to attend a taping are free. If tickets to a taping are not free, you will be notified on the request page. Ticket holders are responsible for any personal costs regarding their transportation to and from the studio including parking. 

I ordered tickets on-line but never received my confirmation. What gives?

If you did not receive confirmation immediately after putting through your request then there was a technical error with your order. Please try again or contact us to help you through the process. In the event that a show is sold-out, tickets will be listed as SOLD OUT.

Do I need to bring a ticket with me?

Hot Rows is paperless! Please download the Eventbrite mobile app on your smartphone to use the digital version of your ticket. We will scan your device at the door for entry. If you do not have a smartphone or a device to download the app, we will accept a paper print out of your ticket.

Can we revise our order?

You are able to revise your order by clicking on the link in your ticket confirmation. If you are having any difficulty with this process, please feel free to contact us and we will help you make the necessary changes.

Where are shows filmed?

The majority of the shows that we service are in or around downtown Toronto. 

Will I be required to stand or walk?

TV studios within a large production facility can sometimes be a bit of a walk from the registration desk. Please make sure that you wear comfortable and stylish shoes in case there is some walking involved.

Are studios accessible for wheelchairs?

Most studios have the ability to accommodate 1-2 wheelchairs at a time. Please contact us ahead of time if you are in a wheelchair and/or require any assistance.

What should we bring?

Please only bring the absolute necessities with you. We ask that if you must bring a jacket and a bag that you please make sure they are compact. Most studios do not offer lockers or coat-check so it's important that the personal items are small enough to fit under your seat. Hot Rows Inc. and the associated studio are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

What should I wear?

For shows where the audience is off-camera, we ask that you dress comfortably. Studios are often kept quite cold to compensate for the hot lights, so please bring a light sweater with you. If the audience is featured on camera, you will be notified of the dress code in advance.

Will we be fed?

Studios do not provide food or beverage for audiences so please make sure you come nourished.

What happens if we're not admitted to the show?

Ticket distribution is often made in excess of studio capacity to accommodate for people that don't show up. If you are not admitted to the show, you will be granted priority access to a future taping. If we cannot accommodate you while you're still in town, we will book you for a production on a future visit.

How long do tapings last?

Taping time varies per show and we do our very best to give you an accurate time frame. However, dependant on production variables beyond our control, tapings can sometimes last longer than the quoted window of time. We will do our best to communicate any changes while you're in studio and ask that you do your very best to accommodate our production changes.

Do shows ever cancel?

Occasionally a show will cancel at the last minute due to changes beyond our control. We will do our very best to communicate any changes or cancellations so please make sure that you check your e-mail frequently in the days leading up to the show.

Can I meet the cast?

Each show is different and it depends on the schedule. We will let you know if there is an option for a meet-and-greet or photo opportunity.


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