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What is a seat filler?

A seat filler is a person that fills an empty seat during an event so there are no empty seats seen on camera. 

What shows require seat fillers?

There are numerous shows that require seat fillers including The Canadian Screen Awards, The Canadian Country Music Awards, The Juno Awards, Canada’s Walk of Fame and others.

Why would I want to be a seat filler?

Being a seat filler gives you a front row seat to some of Canada’s biggest award shows where you’ll rub elbows with the biggest stars and personalities in entertainment. Seat filling affords you an opportunity to experience the best shows and performances in live television.

If you are a student studying television, radio or film production, seat filling gives you an opportunity to witness a live production from the audience’s perspective. It can be a very valuable experience for future industry members.

What does it involve?

Seat filling is a game of musical chairs — when a talent (or guest) leaves their seat to either use the washroom, make a phone call or even accept an award, a coordinator notifies the audience assistant to send a seat filler. When you’re being sent to fill a seat, it requires you to move quickly and with purpose as this action generally happens over the course of a single commercial break. You’ll be told exactly where to sit and it’s your job to get there before the cameras go live. 

As the talent (or guest) returns to their seat, the seat filler quietly exits and moves back to the holding area which is generally at the back of the room.

How can I be a seat filler with my friends? 

If you want to be a seat filler with your friend, make sure that they all register!

Does being a seat filler cost anything?

No, being a seat filler is completely free!

*The production does not cover any costs associated with being a seat filler, including but not limited to: travel, accommodation, wardrobe etc.

How can I register?

Fill out the form below! When a production comes to your area, Hot Rows will contact you with the opportunity.

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